Murals For Kids Rooms



Artist Daniel Nie will personally come to your home to create  and hand paint a customized mural in any theme, style, and color scheme for your child's room.The whole process may take from a few hours to a few days; it depends on the size and technical aspects of the mural. 

The most popular murals done by the artist were those artistically  enhanced designs based on  the children's own drawings or paintings. If you have some of your child's drawings, then show them to the artist, because one of those drawings can become a beautiful mural in your child's room.


To commission a mural work is as easy as 1,2,3.


1)    Please send your inquiry to the artist via email:

2)    After the artist receives your inquiry, he will contact you to arrange       an appointment for a free consultation. He needs to come to your place to take a few photos of the room where the mural will be.

3)    The artist will show you a digital generated sketch for your approval followed by the actual on site creation of the mural.

--- your child is welcome to involve with the painting process. As you can imagine this experience could be a free art lesson to your child.




Here are some examples of murals that were created according to the  original artworks by the children.

Your child's drawing becomes a mural

1) This is Angie's original drawing:

 " I and My Friends" by Angie (6 years old)


 2) Angie's drawing after artistic editing and enhancement by the artist: 


3) Now, Angie's drawing becomes a mural in her playing room:



More examples: 


Painting by Mina (6)


 Now, Mina's painting becomes a mural in her big sister's room.



 Look at this impressive painting by Robert (12)



 Isn't it an awesome mural? Robert and the artist did it together.


 One more example:

 School Bus,  drawing by David (11)


 What a cool room!


Now, it's your turn!

You do not have to have your own artworks, the artist will design one for you according to your preference.

Call the artist at 704-574-1815

or send your inquiry to

for a free consultation and estimate.



About the Artist


Artist Daniel Nie has a master degree in Fine Arts, and he is  a full time artist living in Northern Virginia.

M.A./M.F.A.,  American University Washington, D.C.
B.A., Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C.